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Feminized cannabis seed products have long experienced strong positions on the market of cannabis. Indoors Big Bud XXL Autoflowering is made for the SOG method Plants grow to 80-100cm and explode with flowers to complete in only 55-65 days post germination. Dr Greenthumb’s Dedoverde Haze Auto A state-of-the-art and ground breaking autoflowering Sativa that gives highly resinous buds if provided with somewhat of care.
Autoflowering seeds bloom automatically as soon as the cannabis plant has enough branches to support the flower heads. The regular indicas and sativas flower cycles are directed by photoperiod, and therefore the plant regulates growth and flowering stages by the hours of light and darkness to decide when it is time to flower.
During this stage, cannabis plants are hardy and can bounce back from problems. Regular autoflowering seeds are one other way of saying that they are not feminized Regular seeds have the potluck factor of any seed-grown crop in regards to to the percentage of males appearing.
Because of the fast and resilient nature of autoflowering cannabis strains, also, they are a great choice for guerrilla growers buying hands off yet rapid grow. After growing on the first batch of seeds from crossing the NL#2 X Mexican Rudy F1s with a William’s Wonder clone, the Joint Doctor learned some male plants that began to flower as soon as they had set their first few leaves.
In warm climates two or three successive outdoor autoflower cannabis crops can be produced each year, its an easy way to develop and produce your cannabis through the growing season. the vegetative state or light period it is in. On the other hand, feminized seeds are actual cannabis seeds which can be specifically bred to become all female with no production of males that ought to have been discarded.
The percentage for male-to-female development with regular seed products is around 1-to-1 (about 66% female). The Joint Doctor was introduced to the thought of autoflowering strains by a pal called Antonio. The often overlooked Cannabis ruderalis is blended with Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica types to build autoflowering editions of some of the most popular strains.

CBD Auto Compassion Lime gained 1st award in the ‘CBD weed’ category at the 2017 Highlife Glass , This is a popular autoflowering CBD variety with medical cannabis growers, the buds contain a 1:1 percentage of CBD:THC this is a CBD-rich cannabis variety which is good for treatment with a manageable high which is not too strong.
But in recent years we have also seen outdoor cannabis growers buying autoflower seeds to complement their photoperiod seed vegetation. Outdoor naturally grown cannabis will be ready to harvest in the fall (specifics varying depending on location, as daylight availability will depend on your latitude).
The CBD percentage is also lower on autoflowers than with regular feminized plants and won’t go higher than 5% while regular (medical) feminized have an astounding amount of 42% CBD. Why not choose combo autoflowering feminized seeds? auto seeds have grown to be very popular and are an excellent choice for first-time growers and experienced breeders.
Our Cheese autoflowering is a mix between Master Kush and Super Skunk. With the help of different types of metallic (see how to produce feminized marijuana seeds using colloidal gold), it became possible to force even the purest females to set-up male cannabis plants.
Autoflowering feminized seeds will be the rising stars of cannabis. Ruderalis is a very short and fast growing plant uncovered in eastern Europe. Autoflowering marijuana seeds produce plants that are usually small and well suited for outdoor growth. Ruderalis is traditionally short in nature and fast flowering, although some unique varieties have been proven to grow over 180cm and take over 20 weeks to totally mature.